I remember the days whenever having a serious interest in computer systems and technology was actually regarded as a bad thing.  We never realized exactly what those men during my high-school had been undertaking, hunched over their particular old school mac personal computers and speaing frankly about RAM.  It sounded like a foreign vocabulary so nerdy!  Quickly ahead a few years, and men who will be thinking about techy, computer things come in popular as there are merely something about those so-called « nerds » that a lot of females are unable to get enough of, including myself!  So what can I state, i’ve a weakness for a person you never know their method around a tough drive and contains his way with HTML.  Listed here are my personal top five reasons to date some type of computer geek…and I should know, I’m dating certainly one of personal!

1. They can correct everything.  This is exactly specially handy for girls just like me with a propensity to break circumstances a lot ???? .  But here is the thing, although he does not know how to fix something-for instance, your vehicle or laptop computer, he’s going to google it until he is blue for the face.  He will pull up lessons on Youtube, install detail by detail pdfs, and get the task accomplished.  A computer nerd wouldn’t state « I am not sure how to accomplish that… », the guy constantly figures it out-and that kind of determination is fairly damn beautiful.

2. They have his fingers on pulse of community. We think about myself personally a rather Internet experienced woman and a total social media marketing addict. Computer geeks go on it one stage further though.  They understand exactly what sites to go to when, when it comes down to absolute best and most up-to-date information.  My personal boyfriend consistently g-chats me website links through-out a single day of splitting news tales that i’ven’t actually observed, whether I’m signed into twitter/facebook/foursquare…which i in the morning! I’ll never know-how he will it, but we enjoy my personal gchats everyday.

3. They don’t require continuous attention.  You probably know how some guys need non-stop praise and interest?  Maybe not pc geeks. They’ve discovered to play by themselves, in fact it is fantastic when you require in order to get your personal stuff done!   This option will be the happiest when it’s simply  them, some songs and their external hard drives.  Hmm..that sounded a little dirtier than I supposed!  You won’t have to continuously host them-they will not ever use up all your points to explore online.

4. You may never get lost.  A few weeks in the past, my sweetheart required on a birthday trip to bay area.  We’d no clue which place to go to eat, to buy, to understand more about and failed to do much preparing in advance of the time.  I became a little concerned that people’d lose out on some good places, not at all!  The guy simply busted out their iphone 3gs, google maps, yelp, urban scoop and navigated all of us all over town like he was my personal individual trip guide.  It actually was thus fun, and that I felt very looked after.  If you’re planning to do this though and exclusively use portable technology, make sure you seize your cellphone charger on your way outside.

5. Might usually get a tremendous amount.  Before I started internet dating my sweetheart, I becamen’t the greatest follower of online shopping.  It appeared a discomfort during the ass and even more high priced when you factored in delivery and I liked the minute gratification you can get from strolling into a store and walking out with something new.  My date launched me to the field of Ebay (yes, I gotn’t utilized Ebay before, do not judge), searching on the internet for online codes for discounts and free delivery, and revealed me personally the beauty of reading reviews-now we read evaluations on just about anything before I purchase it, it is newer and more effective odd dependency.  Sure, i would need hold off several days for post to reach but I’ve conserved plenty money since I began making use of his small tips that I’ll most likely never go back to my personal outdated purchasing behaviors!

 Have you dated a personal computer geek?