Looking ahead to the future, remote and distributed work strategies will continue to become more ingrained in our modern business culture and redefine the way we work. Remote work policies reduce costs further by cutting down on business travel. Instead of racking up pricey travel or commuting expenses, integrated communications tools allow remote employees to collaborate with their fellow colleagues just as effectively as if they were there in-person. Employee benefits for remote workers could include access to counsellors, advice, regular team social events , and offering perks such as ‘remote fika‘ . This would allow regular one-to-one or small group socialising and encourage and help facilitate the watercooler moments. The coronavirus pandemic has given some employers, who may not have otherwise considered working from home an option for staff, a practical insight into how it affects their business and employees. It has enabled employers to have first-hand experience of the advantages and disadvantages of home working.

Set a schedule that accounts for walks on the beach, visits to the gym, or meetings with friends. benefits of working remotely This level of flexibility can organically materialize into a balanced work and life approach.

Money savings

Although working remotely can have countless benefits, in order to get it right and ensure the team stays productive and satisfied in their roles, substantial planning is required. As every business owner will know, whether you rent or own your office space, it’s far from cheap and the cost of such overhead costs can equate to a significant percentage of your outgoings. As more and more businesses look for ways to boost employee satisfaction, increase staff retention and gain a competitive edge, a growing number of companies are turning to flexible and remote working. Given the freedom to adapt their working hours and/or location, employees report a stronger relationship of trust with their employers, resulting in a higher rate of job satisfaction. A new survey from Acas has found that 3 in 5 employers (60%) have seen an increase in hybrid working for staff compared to before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. With regards to tax relief, home workers with a voluntary home working arrangement may receive employer contributions towards business expenses of working from home . Home workers may claim the cost of expenses up to the value of £4 per week without any receipts.

how remote work can benefit employees and companies

Finally – and perhaps most importantly – make sure your workforce is ready to embrace such a shift in workplace practice. With so many forms of communication on offer, there is a danger of information slipping through the cracks.

How many types of flexible work arrangements are there?

Make sure you get some free time even though your laptop and tasks are at home with you. Remote work is not a roadblock for learning – it is much more of an accelerator for any learning culture with suitable learning technology in place. If you’d like to know how HR software can help to get the best out of your people, feel free to get in touchorbook a demo– we’re always happy to help.

how remote work can benefit employees and companies

Drivers spend 52 minutes on the road to work and back, while bus commuters must set aside 79 minutes a day. Because hybrid work is a very fluid and flexible modality, there are different approaches to implementing a hybrid model, depending on your business’s individual needs. It is important to understand there is no one-size-fits-all hybrid model. Hybrid Working grants employees the ability to structure work around the rest of their lives, not the other way around.

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